Job opportunities

LW Management is a leading leisure, recreation and cultural facility provider serving a footfall of over 1 million each year. Our expert team is more than 40 people strong. Within our buildings you will find 6 swimming pools, 2 gyms, 12 football pitches, an 18-hole golf course and a church dating back to the 12th century that now serves as a cultural and heritage centre.

Our team has one major thing in common: we come together to work hard and with a sense of purpose, bringing the best of ourselves to create a wonderful experience and an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming and enjoyable for everyone.

Our teams are dedicated to living well and through our modern facilities, we service the needs of the public and provide excellent local amenities for our communities. We believe that fitness is for everyone and our motto is EveryBody Belongs.

We also offer specialised consultancy services and work with a variety of clients and local authorities. We want to work with the best. You think you got what it takes? Let us know. Join us!